How to Junk Up Your House (Without Even Trying!)

Sunflower Fields in Texas

There are a lot of sunflowers grown commercially here in Fannin County. Every summer we get glorious fields of sunflowers. I snapped these a couple of years ago. 


I decided to pick 6 of them and prepare to sell them as downloads on one of my Etsy Stores, Digital Funhouse.  I think they would look great printed out and framed as a group. If you didn't want to go to the expense of matting and framing, simply mount on thick foam core board and trim the edges with tape or a marker. Here's what I think they would look like on a light yellow wall like the one in my kitchen:


Or try it this way:


Of course, I'd loved it if you skipped over to Etsy to buy my sunflower photos, but think about a series of photos you could do yourself. What about six bowls of ripe, colorful vegetables, six photos of roses, or six photos of your favorite vintage finds? Happy shooting!