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Top Ten Pinterest Gardening Pins From My Boards

Since I've been following my Pinterest Boards through Pinterest Analytics, I find that certain categories rise and fall through the year. Of course, right now some of the top pins on my boards are garden pins. Here are my top ten garden pins for the last 30 days. I've supplied a link to the source so you can click through and have a look.

How to Grow Lavender 

Informative article on Better Homes and Gardens covers growing, propagation and drying,with multiple links to more information. This is the number #1 gardening pin on my boards.


April's Bean Tunnel My Pinterest friends have an optimistic outlook about how much time they'll have to spend on gardening, because this was the second most popular pin! The article was written for Pith + Vigor, and links back the the creator of the bean tunnel, April, and her engaging blog, Wahsega Valley Farm


Ladders in Decor The ladder stays in place and the plants change with the season. A great idea that's very do-able. Have a look at the whole post at Ashbee Design


How to Collect Moss Covers collecting, care and propagation. If you've ever wanted some of this magical emerald green for your terrarium or walkway, this is the place. This guy is all about moss!


Growing Wheat of Your Own ...and I thought baking your own bread was ambitious. Mother Earth News tells you all about it.95aaaa91d18e56f6f4c5de6544a71e5c

Black Tomatoes This is a picture post from The Meta Picture with no article. There are some helpful comments below the pictures about growing these tomatoes and other heirlooms.

 Century Old Milk Cans part of the decor at Bellington Manor, a wedding and events venue in Utah. You'll want to visit when you see the pictures of this place!


How to Support Tomatoes A comprehensive post found  on The Vegetable Gardener Covering several different methods of supporting tomatoes. If you crave flavorful, homegrown tomatoes, this is a must-read. You'll never want to buy them at the supermarket again.


Up-Cycled Garden Gates  A gallery of garden gate ideas from The Garden Glove. A few too many ads on this site but the gallery is nice.



There's no #10! I had too kick out so many of my top pins because they led to annoying, spammy sites with pop-ups and re-directs, that I can't finish the article as planned. Next time, I'll write about my FAVORITE garden pins. Speaking of which, I'll devote the #10 space to fellow Etsians,  Kenyon Organics. They are responsible for my renewed interest in gardening. Thanks to their seeds, I have rows of happy little seedlings that I hope will yield delicious vegetables. 

We always start out enthusiastically here in North Texas, but as it grows hotter and hotter, people (me!) begin to dread going outside and start to neglect their (my!) gardens. I'm determined this year to be eating those juicy tomatoes and putting up green beans for the winter.